Certification Audit

Confirmation of JTC Leases

We provide the audit service to certify the investment on plant & machinery and building & civil works for the purpose of confirmation of leases with JTC Corporation.

Government Grant/ Claim

For government grant/ claim purposes, we provide a wide ranges of certification audit, as follow, to verify your statistics such as income & expenditures.

  • Certification of income & expenditure for the Economic Development Board (EDB) grant purposes
  • Certification for housing developer projects accounts under Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • Certification for grants claims under Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Certification of income & expenditure for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) grant purposes
  • Certification for Subsidy Claims for Child Care Centres under Ministry Of Community Development Youth & Sports (MCYS)
  • Certification of Sole-proprietor income for Housing Development Board (HDB) purpose
  • Certification of Financial Statements for Building And Construction Authority (BCA) licensing unit
  • Certification for IDA grants
  • Certification of Fund Raising/ Donations for Criminal Investigation Department (CID) purposes

An auditor’s report verified the amount shown on the ‘Statement of Claim’ is in accordance with the provisions of letter of offer from government authority will be released. The eligible expense claimed shall be supported by:

  1. Invoice
  2. Contract of services
  3. Proof of payment such as Official receipt issued by suppliers, Company bank statements, Company credit card statements (if applicable), Credit card slips(if applicable), and Bank advice (for payment via bank draft, telegraphic transfer, etc.)
  4. Consultant project report and implementation

Sole Proprietor

For sole proprietor, we certify the following statistics through our certification audit:

  • Fixed Assets Certification
  • Annual / Monthly Gross Revenue Certification
  • Shares Certification
  • Personal Income Certification