Pre-IPO Preparation Services

Target Customer’s Financial Size

Singapore companies : Minimum net profit after tax of S$1.5 million for current year

China, Hong Kong and other foreign companies :

  • Minimum net profit after tax of S$4.0 million for current year (for SESDAQ listing) ; or
  • Cumulative net profit before tax of S$7.5 million over last 3 years, or S$10 million over last 2 years or $10 over last year (for mainboard listing)

Our range of pre-IPO preparation services are as follow:


Merger or acquisition to instantly enlarge the Company’s size or increase the attractiveness of the business and story line to investors:

  • Find merger or acquisition targets
  • Execute the merger or acquisition process including share valuation, shareholding agreement, sale & purchase agreement, and development of shareholding & corporate structure

Bring in Pre-IPO Funds

We are working closely with a pre-IPO fund which aims to invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 into each company that has good potential for listing within 6-12 months. The funds can be used by the investee company to fund acquisitions, business expansion, or buy out other minority shareholders,etc.

Act as CFO

    Head the Company’s accounts & finance function & steer the group towards IPO

  • Put in place a financial reporting system
  • Raise profile/public image of the Company

Bring in merchant banker for IPO

We are currently working closely with few merchant bankers which are eager for deals, including small deals. Besides the merchant banker, we will also bring in other IPO professionals required ie. lawyer, reporting accountant and PR consultant.