IPO Mandate and Terms

Our IPO package comprises the following services:

  1. Assess company’s eligibility and readiness for IPO
  2. If company is not ready, we will recommend IPO Strategy ie. advice on how the business prospects / story line can be improved to better appeal to IPO investors, and set timeline including revenue and net profit targets for IPO

If client is ready for IPO, we will :

  1. Form group corporate structure
  2. We will recommend which companies to include or exclude in the listing group and form a group corporate structure. The purpose is to show maximum group profit and business prospects, and no conflicts of interest. The exercise will include Share Valuation to ascertain shareholdings among companies in the group.
  3. Advice on likely IPO valuation and amount to raise
  4. Bring in qualified and experienced Chief Financial Officer (if the client does not have one yet) and advice on the need to beef up the management team to show sufficient middle management and management succession
  5. Recommend and bring in board of directors. This is especially important as there is a requirement for independent directors and audit committee members.
  6. Recommend and bring in suitable merchant banker, lawyer, reporting accountant and PR consultant for the IPO.